Opportunities for Turkish Firms In order to Create a World-Class Employer Brand

It is never too late to take action!..

Through the past three years, the global employer branding industry had a period in which giant steps have been taken. As a result, numerous studies and conferences all over the world recognized World Employer Branding Day, 2016, was in Prague with the participation of 250 leaders from 36 countries. 

After this event, an international article which contains best practices prepared immediately. Brett Minchington who is the president of Employer Branding International, classified the employer brand strategy as a new level for 2016/2017 as five focus areas; The award-winning blogger and Turkey Employer Branding Specialist Merdiye Eker announced opportunities for Turkish companies.

Employer Branding international president Brett Minchington explained the focus about the needs to create an employer brand in world standards; “define the scope, objectives and circumstances, give importance to education leading employer brand, focus on experience, implement a marketing program within a subject about employers brand, understand the needs of the next-generation”.

Employer Branding Specialist Merdiye Eker explained the focal point of each specified by Brett Minchington in detail by taking into consideration about working conditions of the firms in Turkey, the demographic structure of the working population, companies which will achieve benefits with an investment for their employer brand and the opportunities for Turkish companies.

The foremost of these opportunities awaiting Turkish companies, Merdiye Eker stated as follows: taking accurate feedback according to today’s conditions from employees, developing projects with the help of some departments which are IT, communications and marketing that support employer brand, career and personal development, a pleasant workplace, friendships, such as flexibility taking the forefront of abstract earnings, the adoption of company history, staff to support the block work, Millenials of using good social skills and technologies to disseminate them and to educate and Millenials to become ambassadors of company requirements and much more.

İn a global context; in the field of employer branding, providing to training of leaders, an award-winning brand strategist’s information that can be shared by employers is to great importance of this study because of Turkey.

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